First Certificate examination.

Hi students,

I’d like to share good news with all of you. I had a conversation by chance a few days ago with one of my former students at the academy. I taught him grammar lessons some time ago because he wanted to do the First Certificate examination.

After some time no see he told me that he had been studying very hard, he succeeded in passing his examination with good marks and managed to get his official FCE at last, and so he was really happy about it. He also thanked all the teachers that had collaborated with him.

When I heard that I felt honored and it was the best piece of news someone had given me that day. He is still at the academy to keep his English level.

I have to say that when any student says this kind of words they make me feel very thrilled indeed. I really love my job and enjoy doing it. What I love the most is to hear that my students have passed their exams and can go to high school or university to study what they like.

So I encourage all of you to keep studying hard so that you can pass your exams with flying colors. No matter how you do it, just keep going. You’ll be rewarded.

All green lights!

Congratulations Pablo!!!












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