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Hello students,

One of the writing tasks you have to do in exams at school is an opinion essay. Here I’d like to show you an example which was done in class by one of my students.



Many people, especially women, think that footballers do not have a good background and they earn too much money just to run and kick a ball. However, that is not true actually. There is something that people do not know.

I sometimes discuss this matter with some people. I have to say that football players have to train six hours a day. They also have to play in the rain and when it is cold in winter. In addition to this, they can be seriously injured. Consequently, they are off work for a long time.

It is true that they earn a lot of money as they are talented and are able to play in a spectacular way. Their professional career is very short, let’s say from they are 18 to 36 years old. Therefore, they deserve the money they earn.

In conclusion, most women do not like football and it might be the reason why football players are seriously criticized. Besides, they have to make an effort to play well and to be football stars. I agree with the money footballers earn.


Well, I hope you like this writing. You might take some notes to write your own opinion essay.

Your teacher,



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