Summer English Lesson III. Present Perfect

Hi students,

Welcome to a new revision lesson. Today’s lesson is to talk about the wonderful world of Present Perfect.

Do you know what the Present Perfect is used for? Well, let’s talk a little bit about it. We use the present perfect to talk about an action that started in the past and continuous up to the present (It connects the past into the present). When the action is finished and the time is not finished. And to talk about experiences in life up to now.

How do we form the present perfect? Let’s think for a moment…


We form the present perfect with the verb Have and the Past Participle of the main verb.


Have / has + Past Participle

We add -ed to regular verbs. For irregular verbs, see the list (third column).


I have visited my grandparents recently.

Mary has worked in Madrid.

I have bought a new pair of shoes.

John has left the school.


That’s all by now. I hope this info has been useful for all of you.





Bye. Juanjo.



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