Summer English Lesson XV. Present continuous (future)

Hi students,

Today’s lesson is about the Present Continuous with a future meaning. So let’s get into work.

We use the present continuous with a future meaning when we have already decided or arranged to do something. We also use it for things you can write in a diary.


– What are you doing this Saturday evening?

– I’m going to the theatre.

– What time is John arriving tomorrow?

– Half past eleven. I’m meeting him at the airport

I’m not working tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.

We can also use the present continuous for an action just before you begin to do it. This happens especially with verbs of movement (go, come, leave…)


I’m tired. I’m going to bed now.

“Sarah, are you ready yet?”  “Yes, I’m coming.”

“Where are you going?” “I’m going to English class.”


Well, that’s all by now. Don’t miss the next class.

Bye. Juanjo.







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