Summer English Lesson XVI. Present Simple (future)

Hi students,

Today we finish revising the future with the Present Simple. Let’s see.

We use the “present simple” with a future meaning when we talk about:

  • timetables
  • programmes (for public transport, cinemas…)


My train leaves at 11.30, so I need to be at the station at 11.15.

What time does the film begin this evening?

We can use the present simple to talk about people if their plans are fixed like a timetable.

  • I start my new job on Monday.
  • What time do you finish your work tomorrow?


           Present Continuous                                                            Present Simple

What time are you arriving?                                      What time does the train arrive?

I’m going to the cinema this evening.                     The film begins at 8.30 this evening.


Well, I hope these lessons about the future have been useful for you. See you next day!!!

Bye. Juanjo.












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