Summer English Lesson XXIII. Object pronouns

Hi students,

Well, this is the last lesson of the summer. We’re going to talk about object pronouns. As you can see it’s very easy to remember. So let’s get into work.


  • Object pronouns take place of nouns. (She meets John. She meets him.)
  • Obejct pronouns go after the verb.  (I love you.)
  • You can also use object pronouns after prepositions. (Listen to me! I’m in love with her.)

Object pronouns are:

Meyouhim her itus you them.

Ok, this is the end of the summer holidays and I hope you have learnt a lot and have improved your grammar. Thank you so much for attending these lessons and start your new course with positive energy, keep studying hard, practise and talk in English whenever you can.

See you soon.

Your teacher. Juanjo.





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1 thought on “Summer English Lesson XXIII. Object pronouns

  • Hi Juanjo. I’ve been following your Summer English lessons and they’ve been very useful for me. I’ve learnt a lot and now I remember a lot of things I’d forgotten. Excellent work!!!

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