Summer English Lesson IX. Have and Have got.

Hi students,

Welcome back to a new lesson. Today we’re going to revise the verbs Have and Have got.

We can use Have or Have got and there is no difference in meaning. We use Have got just for rhythm and, let’s say, to reinforce the possession. The contraction of “I have got” is “I’ve got“.


I have green eyes.  I have got green eyes.  I’ve got green eyes.

Sarah has a headache.  Sarah has got a headache.  Sarah’s got a headache.

Watch out!!!

When we use the contraction Has got in third person singular looks like present perfect, but it is not actually. Sarah’s got a headache. (this is not present prefect)

The negative form is I haven’t got, he/she/it hasn’t got etc… We can use two ways to express this verb, using the verb Have or using Have got.


I have a nice painting at home.  I’ve got a nice panting at home.

In questions we use the auxiliary Do or the auxiliary Have.


Do you have an umbrella?  Does she have an umbrella?

Have you got an umbrella?  Has she got an umbrella?

DON’T MIX THE STRUCTURES. (Do you have got an umbrella) NOT CORRECT.

Well, that’s all by now. I hope this lesson has been useful for you.

See you next lesson. Don’t give up!!!

Bye. Juanjo.índice

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by Carlos on Profesor Inglés Mataró

Have vs Have got. Good post!

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