Summer English Lesson I. Present Simple/Continuous

Hi students,

I’m very happy to introduce this new project which I call Summer English Lessons. From June to September you can find here general revision about some important grammar things. Lesson are going to appear on the blog every Tuesday and Friday morning. I hope you follow them and enjoy as musch as possible. If you want to make some exercises and want me to correct them, write your excercises and send them to me (CONTACTA section).


So, first lesson is about the Present simple and the Present Continuous. So let’s get started.

We use the present simple to talk about:

  • Actions we do regulary and habits: every day, every week…
  • Facts that are always true.


I go to work by bus. (action I do regulary)

Sarah does her homework in the evening. (this is a habit for Sarah)


We use the present continuous to talk about:

  • Actions that happen at the moment of speaking or around the moment of speaking.
  • Temporary situations.

We form the present continuous with the verb BE (auxiliary) and the main verb ending in -ing form.


I am writing an email to my friend John. (action happening at the moment of speaking)

Sarah is living in Madrid at the moment. (temporary situation)


That’s all by now. I hope this revision has been useful for you and follow the next lesson.


Grammar English Mataró Profesor


Bye. Juanjo.


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