Summer English Lesson X. Will (future simple)

Hi students,

Are you ready for a new lesson? Well, I’m glad to hear you are. So let’s get into work.

We use the auxiliary verb “will” to talk about the future.

  • for spontaneous decisions made at the moment of speaking.
  • for predictions. (something you think will happen)
  • for promise.

The contraction of “I will” is “I’ll“. The negative of “I will” is “I will not” and the contraction is “I won’t“. We don’t use “will” for decisions made before the moment of speaking.


I will help you with those heavy bags.

We’ll probably go to the cinema this evening.

I will not be here tomorrow.

Don’t drink coffee before you go to bed. You won’t sleep.

I forgot to buy the tickets for the concert. I’ll buy them tomorrow I promise.


We usually use a time expression in the sentence (tomorrow, next week, next year…) It goes at the end of the sentence.

e.g   My friend John will go to Dublin next weekend.

Well, that’s all for today. Next lesson will revise BE GOING TO. So don’t miss the lesson.

Bye. Juanjo.







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