Want to improve your English?

Hi everybody,

Are you thinking of studying English this summer?

Summer holidays is a good opportunity to go abroad to do an intensive course. You might be wondering where to go. Don’t worry I have a suggestion for you.

Why don’t you go to Ireland? You’ll find welcoming and helpful people there, good beer and fish and chips. What’s more, you’ll have fun for sure! Ok, let’s be serious. Going to Ireland is highly recommended to study English. Your level is going to be improved a lot. You can find several options. One is to go to a school and pay for an intensive course. Second option is to hire a private teacher hourly. From my point of view, this one is a wise decision because your progress is faster than in groups and you feel more confident.

You can go to Dublin, Galway or Cork or even Belfast. From I can gather, Dublin is a very good place to go. So, I just can tell you that don’t be afraid of language barriers and go to Ireland and feel the English language inside you.

Enjoy and good luck. Juanjo.

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