Summer English Lesson XIV. Zero conditional

Hi students,

As I told you last lesson, today we’re going to revise the Zero Conditional. It’s very easy for you to understand. Let’s see how it works.

We use the zero conditional to talk about facts and things that are always true. We talk about these facts at any time.


IF CLAUSE                                                                     MAIN CLAUSE

If + subject + present simple,                          subject + present simple

If I eat insects,                                                             I am sick

If I get late again,                                                       I lose my job


The “If clause” can be first or second in the sentence. When we start with the “If clause” we use a comma after this clause. When we start with the “main clause” we don’t use a comma.

If I go to Dublin, I visit the Trinity College.

I visit the Trinity College if I go to Dublin.


Well, I’m completely sure you understood this type of conditional. I’ll see you next lesson.

Bye. Juanjo.








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