Summer English Lesson XI. Be going to.

Hi students,

As I told you last lesson we’re going to revise another form for “Future”. Let’s see.

We use “be going to” to talk about:

  • plans or intentions made before the moment of speaking.
  • predictions based on a present evidence. (something is going to happen)


I’m going to buy some new shoes tomorrow.

I’m not going to sell my car.

Sarah is not going to come to the cinema tonight.

Look at those clouds! It’s going to rain.

That car goes at full speed! It’s going to have an accident.

Oh dear! It’s 9 o’clock and I’m not ready. I’m going to be late for work.


Well, I hope you understand the concept of BE GOING TO. Next lesson we’ll revise The Present Continuous with future meaning. Don’t miss the class. See you next day.

Bye. Juanjo.


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by Carlos on Profesor Inglés Mataró

Good work!!

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