Summer English Lesson XVII. Prepostitions of Place

Hi students,

Today’s lesson is about “Prepositions of Place“. It’s very important to be familiar with them, so let’s revise three of them. They aren’t so difficult to understand. It’s just a matter of practice. Now, let’s get into work.

We use “in” when somebody or something is inside a limited area. For example, in the classroom, in the kitchen, in the garden, in London, in a shop, in a bank, in a factory, in the river…

We use “at” when somebody or something is in a place, but not inside. For example, at the bus stop, at the door, at the traffic lights, at the end of the street, at the top of a page…

We use “on” when something is in contact with a surface. For example, on a table, on a shelf, on a balcony, on the floor, on the wall, on the door, on the ceiling, on a horse, on a bicycle, on a motorbike…

Now, you can make some sentences using your own ideas and send them to me via email (contact section) DON’T BE AFRAID OF MAKING MISTAKES, JUST DO IT!!!

Bye. Juanjo.













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